Lollipops & Candy

Surprise Your Palate Like Never Before

Looking for the perfect treat to satisfy your sweet tooth? Look no further than the wide variety of, soft candy, lollipops, and hard candy we have for you! From its origins, Colombina's driving innovation has taken flavor to the next level turning tropical delicacies and fruity treats into the tastiest, most surprising best candies out there. Whether you're looking for a quick pick-me-up, a fun snack to share with friends or the perfect holiday candy, the possibilities are endless! Browse our lollipops and candy options and get lost in their surprisingly fun shapes, intense colors, and delicious flavors!

Get Ready To Meet Your New Favorite Candy

Colombina's more than 90 years of experience in the candy-making industry has led to some groundbreaking and mouthwatering treats. The intense Bon Bon Bum bubble gum suckers and their ever-innovating portfolio of bold, tropical, and daring tastes are ideal for those looking for a powerful blast of flavor. Tiger Pops have the traditional swirly decoration and charming taste of childhood memories. Our assorted fruit candy packs have a little bit of everything to delight every last tastebud and bring smiles wherever they go. Our many kinds of mints are a refreshing strike of sweetness to revitalize your days. And last but not least, Coffee Delight is made with pure Colombian coffee to comprise a country's century tradition into a tasty delight for you to enjoy on the go. Browse our Lollipops & Candy page away until you find something that calls you or your palate!Ā 

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