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Lollipops & Candy

Wake up your taste buds with a crispy treat

When it comes to satisfying your crunchy and sweet cravings, our crackers, cookies, and wafers are the perfect treat! While these snacks may not be your traditional lollipops or hard candies, they offer a variety of textures, shapes, and flavors that are hard to resist. From crispy wafers filled with a creamy center to buttery melt-in-your-mouth cookies to impossibly crispy crackers; there's something for everyone in this category! Perfect as a snack for kids and adults alike, our cookies, crackers, and wafers can be your go-to option when you're in the mood for a light and crispy treat or for something a bit more indulgent. Explore this category in depth; we're sure you'll find something your palate will thoroughly enjoy!

A confectionary company pushing the envelope of taste

At Colombina, our motto is moving taste forward. As leaders and pioneers within the Colombian candy industry, we believe in blending traditional recipes, high-quality ingredients, and a robust sustainability strategy to deliver unique recipes that charm and captivate future generations with endless flavor.

Creativity and innovation have led our venture in the 20 food categories that build our deliciously creative portfolio of treats.

From scrumptious cookies, flavor-filled candy, and exotic lollipops to rich sauces, tasty spreads, and crunchy crackers, our products are designed to spark joy.

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