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About Us

Step into Colombina's world of groundbreaking flavors

We are a global food company crafting mouth-watering, heart-warming, groundbreaking food and candy innovations to delight your taste buds with bites of goodness.

A confectionary company pushing the envelope of taste

Creativity and innovation have led our venture in the 20 food categories that build our deliciously creative portfolio of treats.

From scrumptious cookies, flavor-filled candy, and exotic lollipops to rich sauces, tasty spreads, and crunchy crackers, our products are designed to spark joy.

7 state-of-the-art production plants and 750,000 customers worldwide

Colombina operates in more than 85 countries delivering the utmost quality and flavor everywhere our brand is. Our candy company's production plants, some of which use 100% renewable energy, ensure top-notch all-around safety, and environmental excellence.
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We're taking flavor forward, in every way possible

As a global food company; Colombina services all types of clients, from retail, direct-to-consumer and individual sweet-tooth customers, to wholesale, bulk and commercial clients

More than 90 years building a flavor legacy

The now third-generation family-owned business started with true pioneer, Hernando Caicedo's, vision to create hard and soft candy treats out lusciously tropical fruity flavors. His dream of crafting endless delights that elevated the traditions of his land continues to guide us in our mission to make the a better-tasting place
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Being a sustinable-always-comes-first company, makes us proud

Our promise to environmental excellence is ever-lasting, that's why we operate under 6 different green and socially conscious management principles. We believe in protecting our world and consistently building a deliciously sustinable one