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Bridge Wafer Cookies

Bridge: Twice as Tasty

The perfect mix of textures doesn't exist--or does it? Each bite out of our Bridge wafer cookies will feel twice as tasty as the crispiness of the wafer blends in with the delicate cream filling. Our vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors offer a world of tastiness for all sweet palates. And the exotic MaxCoco line will transport you to a beachy paradise with its delectable and tropical taste.

Bridge Wafers have been sold for over 60 years and are the leading brand in the Premium Wafer Segment in Colombia. Currently sold in over 30 countries, these classic and deliciously sweet treats continue to charm everyone who tries them.

A confectionary company pushing the envelope of taste

At Colombina, our motto is moving taste forward. As leaders and pioneers within the Colombian candy industry, we believe in blending traditional recipes, high-quality ingredients, and a robust sustainability strategy to deliver unique recipes that charm and captivate future generations with endless flavor.

Creativity and innovation have led our venture in the 20 food categories that build our deliciously creative portfolio of treats.

From scrumptious cookies, flavor-filled candy, and exotic lollipops to rich sauces, tasty spreads, and crunchy crackers, our products are designed to spark joy.

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