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Bon Bon Bum Lollipops

Bon Bon Bum: Live Intensely!

One of our most iconic brands, Bon Bon Bum has gone beyond the boundaries of traditional candy ever since its creation. Each lollipop has a hard and colorful candy exterior that holds a delightful chewy surprise as you make your way to the center. Designed to feel like an intense flavor boom, these pops have all sorts of flavors, from sour and face-twitching cherry or green apple to fruity and tropical delicacies like passion fruit and watermelon to richly sweet mango and strawberry flavors.

Bon Bon Bum has also explored beyond the fruit limits, delving into guarana-infused lollipops, entertaining mystery flavors, or assorted packs for everyone to get a different taste.

A confectionary company pushing the envelope of taste

At Colombina, our motto is moving taste forward. As leaders and pioneers within the Colombian candy industry, we believe in blending traditional recipes, high-quality ingredients, and a robust sustainability strategy to deliver unique recipes that charm and captivate future generations with endless flavor.

Creativity and innovation have led our venture in the 20 food categories that build our deliciously creative portfolio of treats.

From scrumptious cookies, flavor-filled candy, and exotic lollipops to rich sauces, tasty spreads, and crunchy crackers, our products are designed to spark joy.

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