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Crakeñas Butter Crackers
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Crakeñas Butter Crackers


An Everlasting Buttery Crunch

If you're looking for the perfect saltine crackers with a touch of extra flavor, Crakeñas Butter Saltines is the right fit for you!
Made with top-notch ingredients, each bite is the ideal combination of crunchy, crispy, and flaky with a touch of indulgent butter flavor.
Our family multipack comes with 4 individually wrapped packets of 12 premium crackers, for a total of 48 crackers per package.
This design ensures that each soda cracker is always crispy and fresh, making it easy to store without worrying about them becoming soggy or stale.

Pair Them With Everything

These butter-flavored saltine crackers are ideal for all sorts of dishes and moments, let your imagination free to create delicious combinations
From being an excellent addition to charcuterie and cheese boards to being perfect as chowder crackers, coffee crackers, or even flatbread crackers, these buttery delicacies will add richness to all your moments, filling you with a delicious taste and a uniquely distinct crunch.
Elevate your pantry with these premium and fancy crackers, and let your imagination develop the most delicious combinations!

Crakeñas Butter Crackers

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