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Colombina USA

Columbina Ginger Hard Candy - 150 Ginger Candy

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Real Ginger Hard Candy: These ginger hard candies can be a warm & soothing treat made from natural ginger & sweetened with cane sugar. Columbina’s ginger hard candy bulk bag is perfect as an after-dinner treat, or as a lozenge when you're feeling under the weather. 

Flavorful Ginger Drops Candy: Our tasty hard ginger candy individually wrapped has a spicy-sweet with a slightly tingly flavor and hard texture. It is always handy to carry these candied ginger goodness in your pockets or purse for stomach or motion sickness issues.

Simple Ingredients: The ginger candies are made with all-natural colors and flavors such as Sugar, Corn Syrup, Natural Ginger Flavor, and Natural Colors: Turmeric, and Carmine. This ginger candy for nausea comes in a 5-pound factory-sealed pack with approximately 70 pieces per pound.

Enjoy with Sweetness: Our ginger chews candy is sweetened with 100% cane sugar. This small candy doe not contain high fructose corn syrup and can be taken during pregnancy as nausea candy without any side effects!

Real Ginger: Each individually wrapped ginger candies for nausea is made with 100% natural ginger flavor. This ginger candy hard will support digestive health and comfort the stomach.

Colombina Ginger Hard Candies (5 LB): Our real ginger candy is spicy-sweet and tasty for you to enjoy on the go. Our natural candy ginger flavor satisfies your sweet tooth and lifts your mood. The ginger candy hard is very delicious and great for nausea relief and digestion. Our ginger chews for nausea pregnancy, motion sickness, or upset stomach come with natural colors and ginger flavor. The ginger hard candy individually wrapped has approximately 70 pieces per pound. This hard ginger candy comes in a 5 Pound factory-sealed bag. --- About Us: Hernando was a visionary born in Colombia's agrarian cradle, Valle del Cauca. He understood how to harness the ambient nurturing sunlight, luxurious soil, and cornucopia of tropical fruit into candy and confections – a prophetic enduring recipe for conquering generations to come with endless flavor.