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Colombina USA

Colombina Bon Bon Bum Bubble Gum Lollipops Berry Explosion Flavors, 30 Pops

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30 Delicious Bubble Gum Pops: Our assorted candy variety pack contains individually wrapped candy suckers with 4 intense berry flavors. Our assorted fruit lollipops are made from pure cane sugar, use NO high fructose corn syrup, & has low calories!

4 Fruity Flavors: Satisfy your sweet cravings with our 4 fruit candy lollipop flavors: Blue Raspberry, Red Grape, Sour Berry and Strawberry. As your kids work their way inside the fruit candies lollipops, they’ll be surprised to find chewy bubble gum centers!

Great For Parties! Use this hard candy individually wrapped lollipops with a chewy center as candy for party bags, pinata candy, birthday candy, or any gift basket! You can also use our suckers as Easter candy, Halloween candy pops, & Christmas stocking stuffers!

Mexican Candy/Dulces Mexicanos: These bubble gum bulk lollipops have a lot of flavor! With old-school candy sticks, our Mexican lollipop pack is a favorite among young and old! These unique kids lollipops with a burst of flavor may also be termed exotic Colombian snacks

Colorful Fun Pops: Our colombina candies with colorful outer shells of pink, orange, and green chewing bubble gum fillings are fun & flavorful! This bubble fruit lollipop candy is the perfect colorful candy for your rainbow candy bar at your birthday party or event!

Colombina Bon Bon Bum Lollipops (30 Assorted Mexican Candy Bulk Pack, 18 ounces): Our mixed candy assortment is unique, original, different, and delicious. These candy suckers & lollipops are a tropical fruit treat for your tastebuds! Plus, with a soft bubble gum center, these assorted candy bulk individually wrapped will be a surprising delight for your kids. Our pop candy lollipops bulk are great fun for all age groups, from kids to grandparents. These bubble gum variety candy assorted can be given out as thank you lollipops for baby shower, party favors, Easter basket stuffers, or Christmas treats! The assorted berry candy contains 30 lollipops candys individually wrapped with a variety of fruit flavors. Our assorted lollipops make a perfect treat to share with friends, family, and coworkers. --- Bulk Candy Lollipops Ingredients: Sugar, Corn syrup, gum base, water, citric acid, e330 artificial color fd&c red #40 E-129 ---- About Us: Hernando was a visionary born in Colombia's agrarian cradle, Valle del Cauca. He understood how to harness the ambient nurturing sunlight, luxurious soil, and cornucopia of tropical fruit into bulk candy individually wrapped and confections – a prophetic enduring recipe for conquering generations to come with endless flavor.