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Bridge Max

Colombina Bridge Maxcoco Coconut Cream Wafers

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Coconut Wafers: This delicious crema de coco is filled with coconut flavor that brings in a heavenly taste and will make you come back for more. Our cream, crunchy and sweet wafer bar is a delicious snack to eat anytime and ideal for wherever you go.
Wafer Individually Wrapped: Our package of sugar wafers comes individually wrapped in pairs of 2 to ensure freshness. These sugar cookies individually wrapped measure 9.1 oz and are the perfect treat to share with friends, family, and coworkers.
3 Creamy Layers: This cream wafer is enriched with three coconut-flavored cream layers.
Kids, as well as adults, will enjoy taking apart the 3 layers of our wafers cookies. These
cream wafers individually wrapped are snack time favorites among young and old!
Perfect for Coconut Lovers: Our cookies and cream wafers are ideal for coconut lovers.
These crispy wafers are the perfect snack for schools, offices, and more. The fragrance of
Colombina Maxcoco Coconut Filled Wafers: Enjoy your morning tea, coffee, or evening
snacks with our individually wrapped cookies filled with coconut cream. This wafer set of 2 is a perfect balance of crispiness and soft & fluffy goodness. Includes 2 packs of coconut wafer cream cookies crafted with delicious ingredients and a fantastic coconut flavor. Our delicious creamed coconut wafers are made to enjoy as a part of a balanced breakfast. Pair these cream coconut wafers with your favorite toppings such as syrup, fruit, jellies, butter, preserves, hazelnut spreads, and whipped cream our coconut cream wafers makes you feel like taking a vacation.

About Us: Hernando was a visionary born in Colombia's agrarian cradle, Valle del Cauca. He understood how to harness the ambient nurturing sunlight, luxurious soil, and cornucopia of tropical fruit into candy and confections – a prophetic enduring recipe for conquering generations to come with endless flavor.